About me

Hello and a warm welcome

I am Angelika Keil, the founder of the AK-Strategy®, with which you can solve every problem and reach every aim.

Often, you can even surmount your highest dreams.

It doesn’t matter, which kind of problem, in which area of life, you experience, or which aim you want to reach.

The AK-Strategy® is universal.

With the AK-Strategy® you have got the key in your hands to change your life much more PLAYFULLY, LIGHTLY and JOYFULLY than you might think would be possible.

That these are no empty promises is proved by the many case studies in my books and videos as well as on my blog.

They all demonstrate, how much influence we have on our life quality, that we are no helpless victims of our body and genes, of other people or fate, political or economic situations and so on.

On the contrary, they prove that we are the master of our life and can chose and create, what we want to experience.

I am resident in Davos, a place of power in the beautiful mountain landscape of the Swiss Alps.

I am happy to welcome you there for counseling, seminars and public events.

In order to make sure, you receive each moment those impulses and inputs, which are best for you, I am in close contact with the spiritual world, by which I allow myself to be guided and inspired.

If you want to learn more about the AK-Strategy®, you are invited to have a look at the short introduction to the AK-Strategy®.

And if you want to know whether the AK-Strategy® can also help you to change your life to the better and to surmount your highest dreams, please contact me, without any obligation, by calling me under the phone number +41 81 416 35 52, by sending an email to info@angelikakeil.ch or by using the contact form.

I am happy to get to know you and to be allowed to inspire you while you are solving your problems and surpassing your highest dreams.

Much love and light, yours Angelika