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The AK-Strategy®

Surmount Your Highest Dreams

  • Do you suffer from an acute or chronicle disease, allergy or pains?
  • Are you being mobbed or do you have conflicts with other people?
  • Do you want to enjoy a harmonious partnership, are you longing for your soul partner?
  • Do you have problems at your workplace or are you frustrated und unfulfilled?
  • Are you unemployed or do you have financial problems?
  • Do you long for happiness, health, independence, freedom, success and joy of life?

If your answer to one of the questions is yes, the AK-Strategy® can make the difference also to your life. With the AK-Strategy® you can solve your problems, reach your aims and surmount your highest dreams. It does not matter which kind of problem in which area of life you experience or which aim you want to reach. With the AK-Strategy® you have got the key to change your life even much more playfully, lightly and joyfully you might think would be possible.

That these are no empty promises is proved by the many case studies in my books and videos.

And you, too, can do what other people have done!

Find out the limitations that have so far prevented you from living the life you wish. Stop believing in what other people, even experts, say about you and your life. Find out yourself what you want to do and be and what you can do and be. It all depends only on your thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

  • What if you knew an easy to learn strategy with which you can solve any problem in any aspect of your life and can reach every aim and even surmount your highest dreams?
  • What if your personal development and inner growth could be joyful and easy without having to struggle and invest much time?
  • What if you had much more influence on your health, happiness, relationships, financial situation etc. than you have thought so far?
  • What if you were the authority and power in your life and nobody could dominate you any longer? If you were independent, free and fulfilled?
  • What if your new and positive life quality had also positive effects on your beloved ones?
  • With the AK-Strategy® you can experience all of this.
How can this be?

The AK-Strategy® consists of millenniums-old wisdoms about the laws of life, combined in a way which can lead to nearly unbelievable results.

Here are some examples:

  • A baby with a fatal heart disease is now more than six years old
  • Two mobbing bosses disappear within two weeks from the workplace
  • A business booms after five years of stagnation within two weeks
  • A man with lymph gland cancer is still alive
  • A woman finds her soul partner within only three months after having been single for more than ten years
  • An 27-years old allergy disappears
  • A woman transforms her mortal heart disease within three months.

And all this with only five simple, easy to learn, but most effective and efficient steps.

If you want to know which these steps are and whether the AK-Strategy® can also help you to change your life to the better, please contact me via

email: info@angelikakeil.ch
phone: +41 81 416 35 52
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Watch these videos:
A Short Introduction to the AK-Strategy®
The Five Steps of the AK-Strategy®

I offer in the English language:

  • counselling (live in Klosters, on the phone or via skype),
  • lectures and
  • seminars / workshops on the AK-Strategy®

I am happy about everybody who wants to improve his or her life. And I am looking forward to be allowed to inspire you on your path of inner growth which will soon be reflected in your outside world.

Love and light, Angelika